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GPS Tracking Device No Monthly Fees or Contracts
Our Price: $295.00
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This latest GPS device from Spy Inc. is the perfect gps tracker for anyone who wants simple live tracking without all the costly fees and commitment of multplei month usage plans. The No Fees Live GPS Tracker unit is fully controlled via your cell phone making it easy to use wherever you go and unlike all other real time or live gps trackers, this unit does not require the payment of an activation fee (sometimes as high as $99) or monthly internet hosting contracts and fees (anywhere from $20 to $50 per month).  There are a variety of ways to set up this GSM/GPS device:

SMS Trigger Mode: While in this mode the GPS will only take position reports when you send it an SMS asking for an update. For maximum battery life and updates only when you need them, this default mode is ideal.

Motion Trigger Mode: Have a troublesome teenager that you cant trust to stay at home while your at work? Waiting for a suspect to make their move? The motion triggered mode could be just what your looking for. The GPS will automatically activate upon motion and send you location information via SMS. The unit will then continue to give you automatic updates every 5 minutes until it is no longer in motion.

Geofence Alarm Mode: Need to make sure you kids aren't wandering to the so called wrong side of the tracks? Geofence mode will allow you to set a "safe zone" around the GPS unit. Every 5 minutes from that point on the unit will do a check to see if it has crossed that boundary, if it has the GPS will automatically alert you via SMS.

Speeding Alarm Mode: Just about every parent fears it - your child has just gotten their first car and you dread them speeding and racing and getting into an accident. Employers fear citations for their employees speeding in company trucks, all these can be easily handled by the Conan.  Simply send a basic SMS text to the unit with the desired speed limit and the Conan will do automatic polls to check its speed. If the unit crosses the limit you set it will provide you with an alert and full information.

"Live tracking" Mode: As close as you can get to expensive web based live tracking solutions without the cost! Send a simply text message to the GPS telling it how often and how many times to update you (Up to 255 times per setting) and it will keep you posted with automatic updates.

The No Fees Live GPS can provide you with information in one of two ways. The most basic information will send you a text message with a link which provides you with a map and a pinpoint on it showing you where the unit currently is. For those who need more information however you can receive a pure text message that provides you with the following: Latitude & Longitude (manually plotted via the website), speed, direction, time, and current battery level of the unit.

The No Fees GPS also features an SOS button, a quick press automatically dials up to 3 user set phones sending all of the previously listed info under the heading "HELP!", perfect for keeping an eye on your loved ones. The unit even has two preset phone number buttons that can be pressed to automatically call out to one of two phone numbers for less dire situations.

No Fees Live GPS Tracker Features:

    No monthly fees or contracts - can work with basic pay as you go SIM Cards (GSM based)
    Simple to use
    Can run entirely via your own cell phone
    SOS Panic button
    Multiple operation modes provide ultimate flexibility
    Long battery life

No Fees Live GPS Tracker Technical Specifications:

    Dimensions: 81 x 48 x 20mm
    Weight: 2.2 Ounces
    Accuracy: 10m
    Works on GSM Frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
    Battery: 1000mAh Li-Ion rechargeable
    Battery Life: 7-10 Days on standby

No Fees Live GPS Tracker Includes:

    1 No Fees GPS Unit
    1 Instruction Manual
    1 USB Cord
    1 Li-Ion Battery
    1 Wall Charger Adapter
    1 Car Adapter

Note:  You will also need a SIM card for the device in order to make it operable.  The card can be a pay as you go card if you prefer.   It will need to be a 3G SIM card (GSM) with at least a text messaging plan.  If you want to use the listening function on the unit then you will also need a voice plan on that SIM.  Most cellular service companies will be able to provide the sim card (ie. Rogers or Fido in Canada).  Feel free to give Spy Inc. Store Canada a call if you have any other questions about this live gps tracker.


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Reviewer: Dave S.
09/07/2011 05:21pm
I bought one and really like it. But beware, the unit only works on GSM networks (ie. Rogers or Fido) it does not work with Telus because Telus is using a CDMA network. Just thought I would let everybody know so that they don't waste time with trying a Telus sim card.
Reviewer: Chris
04/13/2011 08:50pm
This is cool. I bought one and it works amazing. There are so many ways to use this GPS. I can track in real time or I can send it a message to find it or I can set it to trigger on motion. Way cheaper to use than any other GPS tracker I have found. Works great on a Rogers pay as you go sim card. Totally anonymous. Best purchase I made this year.
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